Donations to The Heart of Ida go directly to our programs. Without the support of our volunteers and donors, helping seniors preserve their independence would not be possible.


  1. Donations

    Your donations help maintain and expand Heart of Ida's purpose of preserving independence. The Heart of Ida is a tax-exempt public charity under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, Employer Identification Number (EIN) 27-1105150. Your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.
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Donations by mail to:
The Heart of Ida
P.O. Box 8194
Long Beach, CA 90808

As an IRS recognized 501 (c)(3) charitable corporation, your donations are tax deductible.Tax ID: #27-1105150

A Special Thanks to 2016 Heart of Ida Donors

Woody Sides

Ann-Marie and Steve Gabel

Gricel and Luis Hernandez

Brian and Maribel Everett

Denise and Joe Hitt

Mark and Jayci Grisafe

Maribel and Gregg Mullery

Joy Yakura

Rolando Cruz and Robert Collins

Pam Shaw

Bob and Kris Moore

Ben Espitia

Doris May

Karen Garay and David Torres

Chris Wenzel

Jody and Adam DelVecchio

Alice Bruns

Carolyn Kane

Amy and Todd Opheim

Megan Traver

Maria and Garrett Brief

Linda Blair

Jannie and Darryl Mackay

Heidi Schneider and Megan Welchman

Greg and Heather Ball

Charlotte Sykora and Paul Neuhaus

Stacia Mancini and Olivia Walker

Monique Wolff

Cathy Stewart

Chris Kent

Marisa Perez

Charles Christianson

John Thorne

Greg Bryant

Laura Doyle

Betty Pio

Amy Ericksen

Olivia Maiser

Andrea Kiser

Rosemary Lewallen

Pear Utrapiromsuk

Mindy Lacey

Ken Mason

Alissa Cohn

Mary Torres

Jolene McCall

Maricela De Rivera

Keisha Pink

Robert Sternlight

Antonio Abrahano

Noreen and Jeremy Evans

Emily Woodman

Tyrone Nance

Brad and Lisa Yamamoto

Rosangie Paiz

Pam Chotiswatdi

Angie Hegamin

Bonnie Donner

Kathleen Brady

Monica Villareal

Reba Walker

Hollis Stewart

Mike and Monica Rios

Chelsea Devere

Lauren Davis

Jeff Williams

Pam and Derrick Williams

Gretchen and Richard

Jannie Mackay